The Journey Begins!

We all say “I want to do this” or “I want to do that”… but when do you ever get around to really doing it? For me, I’ve been saying I want to start a blog for a long time so welcome to my first post. I think it’s important to begin with the “why” for my blog. I love to share positivity and my experiences. I’m a fitness junkie, a healthy-ish guru, and recently a traveler! Throughout my blog journey I will share tips and tricks about my travels, my workout routines, and possible recipes from meal prepping. As I type this I’m currently sitting in an airport waiting on a flight to Portugal from Italy. When you think “I want to do this” but your immediate thought is “I don’t have time”…you’re wrong. Yes, that’s right…you’re wrong. There is always time for passion. There is always time for desire. There is always time for family/friends. There is always me time. Do you get it yet? Act on your desires and it will lead you to happiness. One thing I always emphasize is to live in the moment, for it is always today. Yesterday is gone and it will never be tomorrow…it’s always today. This doesn’t mean you can’t plan for your future, so don’t take that the wrong way. I’m simply encouraging you to live every moment to the fullest. Now that I’ve gone off on a tangent I will bring this post to an end. I am a very detail oriented person so just a fair warning that the blog posts to come may be lengthy. However, I hope you find them useful, encourage conversation and questions, and enjoy the discoveries of Danica.

-June 10th 4:57 am in Italy

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