This post is about the one thing people hate most: commitment. This word scares a lot of people, because immediately it makes people think of relationships. But commitment is something that is utilized in our every day lives. Commitment to eat healthy, commitment to work out, commitment to go to work, and so on. I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately on how I always stay so committed or dedicated to eating healthy working out. Let me just tell you the cold hard truth: I don’t. I am not always committed or dedicated. Sure I try, but I’m human and I’m not perfect (as much as I try to be a perfectionist). A really good example of this is my desire to have a blog…. and yet I’ve still written less than 6 entries. We are not perfect. Accept it. But you can certainly improve, and you can improve daily.

Okay so you want to know my secrets? Write things down. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, because it truly helps. We are so stuck in this digital era that people think just typing something in their phone, they’ll remember. But that’s where most people are wrong. Keep in mind I’m generalizing here, so some people might succeed at this. This won’t apply to everyone, it never will. Anyways, back on track… we spend most of our days on the computer typing at work or on our phones texting our friends and checking social media that typing has become an everyday activity, it’s the norm. Therefore you have to do something different to stimulate the brain otherwise. This is why I write things down that I want to do. At a certain point, things become a habit (21 days if we’re being exact). But when I’m not feeling motivated and I know I need to do something, I’ll write it down and I’m much more likely to actually do it because it’s staring me in the face. Don’t you hate those friends who tell you they’re going to do something and never do it? Well… you’re doing it to yourself every time you say you’re going to get something done and you don’t.

I’ve been wanting to meal prep again but I’ve had no motivation and I always go to the store without a list or anything in mind. Then I end up wasting all my veggies and produce. So this morning I sat down and I planned a few meals for the week and wrote down all the ingredients I’d need. I crossed off what I already had on hand and then made a shopping list. My intention is to go to the store this evening and then start the prep. I’ve been getting requests about meal prepping blogs also, so maybe you’ll see that very soon…. 🙂

That’s all for now. I promised to keep my entries shorter than my travel blog.

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